SOLAR Off Grid Power Plant



This type of plant is used where there is less electricity
    i.e. light goes for 4 - 6 hours in day time.

This type of plant is with battery bank & is costly.
There is no subsidy on off-grid plants.
Only solar batteries with 5 years warranty should be
    used in off-grid plant which is changeable & is in
    scope of customers.

Generally, a single bank of 150AH - 200AH solar batteries
    will give 2-4 hours of back-up on full load. If you want to
    increase battery bank then simultaneously solar panels
    will also increase.

General pricing can be around 85,000/- per kilowatt exact
    pricing depends on structure height, battery warranty &
    company, panel quality, PCO / solar inverter quality,
    warranty & MPPT technology.